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How to get to La Manche, Normandy to see the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2016 ?


By Road

From Paris and surroundings

Take the A13 from PARIS to CAEN : 240 km
Then CAEN to CHERBOURG by RN 113 : 123 km
or CAEN to SAINT-LÔ by RN 174 and A84 (75 km – Junction 40)

From Rennes and surroundings

Take the A 84 from RENNES to AVRANCHES (83 km)
then A 84 AVRANCHES to SAINT-LÔ (70 km – Junction 40)

By Train

From PARIS / Saint-Lazare Railway station to CHERBOURG.
From PARIS / Montparnasse Railway station to GRANVILLE.

From PARIS – RENNES (TGV), with a bus connexion from Rennes to Mont-Saint-Michel

By plane

Caen Carpiquet airport
Deauville airport
With RYANAIR : Deauville-Londres Stansted from the 1st  of april to the 28th of october 2016, every mondays and fridays.

Cherbourg Maupertus airport


By boat

Ferry links from Great Britain

Poole – Cherbourg
Daily sailings all year.
crossings take 4:15 mn
From May to September, fast ferries take 2.15 mn
Portsmouth – Cherbourg
Daily sailings all year.
Crossings take 4:45 mn with traditional ferry
Fast ferries from April to October.

Ferry links from the Channel Islands

Daily crossings from April to September from Jersey, Guernsey and Sark to Granville, Jersey to Carteret, Guernsey and Alderney to Diélette.
From October to March, crossings on week-ends only (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and school holidays (local zone) between Granville and Jersey.
Crossings available to Granville and Diélette on 26th of June, 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July. Please refer to the brochure.
> Brochures and timetables

Ferry links from Ireland

Rosslare – Cherbourg
3 to 4 crossings per week (crossing time18:30 mn)
Rosslare – Cherbourg
3 crossings per week (crossing time18:30 mn)

Travelling in La Manche


By bus

Manéo Express is offering daily bus services all around La Manche. Additional bus services are open is summer along the Manche coasts.
More info : ou +33 2 33 055 550

To note : « Grand Départ »’s shuttles will be provided in the Manche from Saturday, July 2nd  to Monday, July 4th of 2016. Please find the detail of the itinerary and travel time on the Conseil Departemental’s website.

By train

Caen – Rennes Railway serving : Lison, Coutances, Folligny, Avranches, Pontorson-Mont-Saint-Michel
Paris- Caen – Cherbourg Railway serving : Lison, Carentan, Valognes
Paris- Granville Railway serving : Villedieu-les-Poêles, Folligny
More info :