Safety instruction on the roadsides

  • Follow the instructions given by forces of order and security staff.
  • Be careful when you pick up gifts distributed by the publicity vehicles. Do not cross the road to get them, they are distributed on both sides of the road.
  • Do not run close to the cycling competitors. For their security, do not go in front of them, even if you want to encourage them.
  • Do not spray the competitors.
  • Move away from the road. Roadside and pavement can be used by competitors.
  • Stay back the safety barriers.
  • Do not impinge on the road when taking photograph, videos or selfies.
  • Keep pets on a lead.
  • Keep a close eye on your children, and hold hands of youngsters.
  • Do respect the environmentally responsible dimension of the Tour de France, do not throw garbage on the roadside.
  • Be careful about sunstrike ! Don’t forget to take enough water for an optimal hydration, especially for children and elderly persons.