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  Tour de France 2016 : The official route Published Tuesday 27 October 2015 The full Tour de France 2016 route was disclosed on 20 October at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. Planned for this 103rd edition : the mountain in its many states !
© D.Daguier-CD50

© D.Daguier-CD50

Tour de France 2016: the official route


In front of an attendance of over 4,000, Christian Prudhomme disclosed the Tour de France 2016 route on Tuesday 20 October at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. The route strongly showcases mountain roads and the best climbers are being offered 17 days of climbing opportunities.

The Tour 2016 contenders will be familiar with certain locations yet will need to leave behind all their convictions, and adapt to a route inspired by the theory of straggling.

After starting off with a sprint session at the base of Mont-Saint-Michel on 2 July, difficulties will occur by the middle of the 1st week with the crossing of the Cantal region. Racing right along through the Pyrenees Mountains will leave no respite to the contenders.

Further along, cycling through the Alps will take place once the Mont Ventoux climb, the demanding time trial in Ardèche and the spin around Grand Colombier have been tackled. This will lead up to a dazzling last leg of the programme, with the majestic Mont Blanc summit as backdrop, and a few brutal ascents in Switzerland.

Although resilient climbers will be at a definite advantage, contenders will also be judged on how talented they are at riding down the mountain… There will be opportunities everywhere for the taking !





Video : presentation of the itinerary



Ready, get set, tweet : #TDFPassion and #TDFmanche !


This year, the official Tour de France poster will be made up of tweets from amateurs. The Tour’s Twitter account, @letour, totalling over 2 million followers, is up and ready to receive fan comments using hashtag #TDFPassion. The funniest messages, or the most endearing ones will be selected and incorporated in the poster and on, the digital and social wall. So tweet away until 15 December 2015 !

The official account of the Tour de France 2016 Grand Départ in Manche-in-Normandy, @LeTour_LaManche, is also ready to receive all of your comments ! So be sure to post your tweet with hashtag #TDFmanche.