Normandy is welcoming and innovative, with a wealth of natural treasures and know-how:

Life is sweet; the geography is ideal; it draws you to it; its history in on the world map and its heritage exceptional; its inventiveness is a fact and its artistic creativity known the world over. So many advantages and resources that Normandy is proud to showcase!
Normandy has been a regular witness of major events over the centuries and has amply demonstrated that it has all the assets required to host world scale events – the Tour de France Grand Départ for instance! Normandy is a forward looking French Region and hosts seven competitiveness clusters that stimulate research and innovation.

A Region both creative and innovative

Research, aeronautics, digital, cosmetics, energy, industry…

· Research: Many companies specialised in research have chosen to work out of Normandy:
in Caen the GANIL – the large heavy ion accelerator; in Saint Etienne-de-Rouvray the CEVAA – Vibro-acoustic study centre for the automotive industry; in greater Rouen the CERTAM – Research unit for combustion; in Flers Caligny the CED – Centre for dynamic testing.

· Digital: Normandy is leader in contactless NFC technology; it is being developed within the Secure Electronic Transactions competitiveness cluster in Caen. It hosts innovative start-ups exploring e-health and e-tourism. Its Normandy French Tech label is an incentive boosting the regional digital ecosystem.

· Aeronautics: 13,500 jobs in aeronautics and space in Vernon at the Snecma Corporation and in Le Havre at Aircelle; many sub-contractors.

· Energy: The region is a major supplier of nuclear, thermal and renewable energies. This industrial segment employs 26,000 people and is supported by 7 laboratories.

· Automotive industry: This industry is a key driver for Normandy, offering 45,000 jobs and hosting over 70 % of all French automotive research.

· Promotion of agricultural products: Non-food use of agricultural products offers new industrial applications for crops: biofuels, insulation materials, technical fabrics, flax and hemp fibres…

· Health: Normandy offers a concentration of large-scale health facilities. The Region also ranks very high in neuroscience. Having engaged in the fight against cancer, Normandy is making headway in cancer research. Its expertise in nutrition, cardiology and biotechnologies is also greatly valued.

A favourite tourist destination

Normandy is a favourite tourist destination thanks to its rich history, its expertise in many areas, and its heritage, including a number of sites on the Unesco World Heritage list.

An absolute must: visit the cliffs at Etretat, Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, the Mémorial de Caen – Centre for History and Peace -, the Bayeux tapestries, the Deauville boardwalk, Honfleur…

Normandy benefits from great artistic wealth and a vast cultural offer. There are wonderful festivals to enjoy: Jazz sous les pommiers; Beauregard; Le Rock dans tous ses états; Ouest-Park; Viva-Cité, etc.; also major events such as the Armada “Sails of Freedom” and the Panorama XXL display…. and of course, the Normandy Impressionism Festival.

Normandy, land of horses

From breeding to research – the full range of equine and equestrian activities is available in Normandy for the 3 breeds of horses, trot, gallop and sport.

A land of gourmets

Recognised for its seafood, key crops, dairy products and cider, Normandy is also a major player in the processing of coffee, tea and cocoa.

The agro-food industry is the third ranking industry in the region. Many Normandy produced specialties are world renowned under their designation of origin – Calvados and Pommeau de Normandie – as well as a number of cheeses!

An attractive region

Normandy benefits from a prime geographic position. Near both Paris and London and bordering the Channel, it is at the heart of North-West Europe.

It offers attractive and competitive ports; an ideal position for marine renewable energies as well as the best tidal stream potential in France; and state-of-the–art know-how in shipyard construction and boating.